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Casa Paloma Women's Program

Provides daytime drop-in center and residential housing services for women who are homeless.

Services: Case/Care Management, Community Shelters, General Clothing Provision, Homeless Drop In Centers, Laundry Facilities, Public Showers/Baths, Soup Kitchens, Telephone Facilities

Confidential location

Tucson, AZ 85713

(520) 882-0820

Catholic Charities Community Services Emergency Shelter

Provides short-term housing for homeless individuals and families for up to 120 days.

Services: Community Shelters

2101 N 4th St

Flagstaff, AZ 86004

(928) 774-9125 x53049

Central Arizona Shelter Services Single Adult Shelter

Provides emergency shelter for single adult men and women who are experiencing homelessness.

Services: Community Shelters

230 S 12th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85007

(602) 229-5155

Central Arizona Shelter Services Vista Colina Family Shelter

Provides emergency shelter and case management services for families with minor children who are experiencing homelessness.

Services: Community Shelters

1050 W Mountain View Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85021

(602) 595-8700

Child Crisis Arizona Crisis Nursery

Offers emergency shelter and comprehensive support services for children age 10 and younger at-risk for abuse, neglect and homelessness.

Services: Child Abuse Counseling, Crisis Nurseries/Child Care, Foster Homes for Dependent Children, Foster Parent/Family Recruitment

2334 E Polk St

Phoenix, AZ 85006

(602) 834-9424

Child Crisis Arizona Shelter

Provides emergency shelter offering short term care for children age 10 and younger who are in crisis.

Services: Crisis Nurseries/Child Care

604 W 9th St

Mesa, AZ 85201

(480) 969-2308

Children of the Night

Provides a 24-hour national hotline for youth sex workers.

Services: Human Trafficking Hotlines, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Sex Trade Related Helplines, Youth Shelters

3450 Cahuenga Blvd W

Ste 602

Los Angeles, CA 90068

(800) 551-1300

Chrysalis Shelter

Provides a 24-hour domestic violence hotline and residential emergency shelter and services for people impacted by domestic violence and their children.

Services: Child Care Volunteer Opportunities, Domestic Violence Hotlines, Domestic Violence Shelters, Donation Pickups, Meal Preparation/Serving Volunteer Opportunities, Teaching/Instruction Volunteer Opportunities

Confidential location

Phoenix, AZ 85001

(602) 944-4999

Church on the Street Mission

Provides emergency shelter for adults who are homeless.

Services: Missions

1402 S Tyndall Ave

Tucson, AZ 85713

(520) 409-2440

Circle the City

Provides medical respite for people experiencing homelessness who are discharged from a hospital after treatment of a serious illness or major surgery.

Services: Bookkeeping Volunteer Opportunities, Clerical Volunteer Opportunities, Computer Donation Programs, Event Coordination Volunteer Opportunities, General Clothing Donation Programs, Language Interpretation/Translation Volunteer Opportunities, Meal Preparation/Serving Volunteer Opportunities, Medical Respite Facilities/Beds for Homeless People, Mobile Health Care, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Nursing Care Volunteer Opportunities, Office Equipment Donation Programs, Office Supplies Donation Programs, Personal/Grooming Supplies Donation Programs, Shoe Donation Programs, Teaching/Instruction Volunteer Opportunities, Therapy Volunteer Opportunities, Underwear/Sleepwear Donation Programs

333 W Indian School Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85013

(602) 776-9000

Viewing 11-20 of 95 results (listed by best match)