Dsquared Homes for the Homeless



Prevention of Homelessness; GAP


Employed SMI individuals who are experiencing a temporary setback. Employed clients at the poverty level who have been awarded housing through their Case Manager but do not have the move-in costs. Proof of sustainable income and lease agreement required.

Intake Process:

Process is online. Client or Case Manager can email or submit application online; Case Managers must verify the individual is eligible for services, email or submit the documents, pick up the check from the Chandler location and take it to the rental facility. Clients can expect at least a two-week turnaround. If people have a five-day notice or less, they will not be eligible.


Provides temporary rental assistance to housed and employed SMI (Serious Mentally Ill) individuals. Provides $1,500 maximum move-in costs for newly housed and employed individuals experiencing homelessness if a Case Managers has obtained housing, but the grant only covers the first month's rent.



Program Fees:




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Date of Official Change:

March 1, 2024

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