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88-CRIME, Inc

Provides the public with a means to anonymously report information about serious crimes in Cochise, Pima, and Santa Cruz counties.

Services: Board/Committee Member Volunteer Opportunities, Crime Prevention Volunteer Opportunities, General Crime Reporting, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Subject Specific Public Awareness/Education

32 N Stone Ave

c/o Pima County Attorney's Office Ste 1400

Tucson, AZ 85701

(520) 882-7463

AARP Arizona

Membership program for older adults which offers access to exclusive benefits and discounts.

Services: Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities, Clerical Volunteer Opportunities, Communications/Marketing Volunteer Opportunities, Event Coordination Volunteer Opportunities, Event Setup/Cleanup Volunteer Opportunities, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Senior Advocacy Groups

7250 N 16th St

Ste 302

Phoenix, AZ 85020

(866) 389-5649

Administration of Resources and Choices

Administers programs for elders and homebuyers.

Services: Computer Donation Programs, Crime Victim/Witness Support Volunteer Opportunities, Helpline Volunteer Opportunities, Nongovernmental Agency Departments

1625 N Alvernon Way

Ste 101

Tucson, AZ 85712

(520) 623-9383

Agnes' Centers for Domestic Solutions

Offers services for people affected by domestic abuse or sexual abuse.

Services: Anger Management, Baby Clothing Donation Programs, Cell Phone Donation Programs, Children's Clothing Donation Programs, Clerical Volunteer Opportunities, Counseling for Children Affected by Domestic Violence, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Domestic Violence Support Groups, Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities, General Clothing Donation Programs, General Legal Aid, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Pro Bono Legal Aid Volunteer Opportunities, School Supplies Donation Programs, Spouse/Intimate Partner Abuse Counseling

455 S 48th St

Ste 106

Tempe, AZ 85281

(480) 664-6554

Amberly's Place

Provides crisis intervention and support for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, physical and sexual child abuse, and elder abuse.

Services: Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities, Child Advocacy Centers, Clerical Volunteer Opportunities, Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities, General Crime Victim Assistance, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Sexual Assault Treatment

1310 S 3rd Ave

Yuma, AZ 85364

(928) 373-0849

Area Agency on Aging Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Staff and volunteers advocate for residents in long term care facilities regarding resident rights, quality of care, quality of life, and access to service.

Services: Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities, Individual Advocacy, Long Term Care Ombudsman Programs, Long Term Care Options Counseling

1366 E Thomas Rd

Ste 108

Phoenix, AZ 85014

(602) 264-4357

Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education

Provides technical and financial assistance to probation and resource officers, teachers, administrators, private attorneys, judges, legal service attorneys, and advocates in an effort to ensure all Arizonans have knowledge and access to the justice systems.

Services: Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Pro Bono Legal Aid Volunteer Opportunities, Service Planning and Delivery Assistance, Strategic Planning Facilitation, Subject Specific Public Awareness/Education, Teaching/Instruction Volunteer Opportunities

4201 N 24th St

Ste 210

Phoenix, AZ 85016

(602) 340-7366

Arizona Hemophilia Association, Inc

Provides information and support for people with inherited bleeding disorders including hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease.

Services: Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities, Disease/Disability Information, Gift Card Donation Programs, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Outreach Programs

826 N 5th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85003

(602) 955-3947

Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services

Provides legal services to human trafficking survivors of any age.

Services: Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities, Child Custody/Visitation Assistance, Child Support Assistance/Enforcement, Clerical Volunteer Opportunities, Domestic/Family Violence Legal Services, Human Trafficking Legal Assistance, Immigrant Benefits Assistance, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Pro Bono Legal Aid Volunteer Opportunities, Protective/Restraining Orders, Youth Court Volunteer Opportunities

Confidential location

Phoenix, AZ 85013

(602) 248-7055

Avondale Police Department

Provides emergency response law enforcement services.

Services: 911 Services, City Government Departments/Offices, General Crime Reporting, Law Enforcement Volunteer Opportunities, Municipal Police

11485 W Civic Center Dr

Avondale, AZ 85323

(623) 333-7001

Viewing 1-10 of 123 results (listed by best match)