Citizenship and Immigration

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Arizona Immigrant & Refugee Services

Assists asylees, immigrants, parolees, refugees, Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs), and human trafficking survivors.

Services: Bedding/Linen Donation Programs, Bicycle Donation Programs, Cell Phone Donation Programs, Cleaning Product Donation Programs, Computer Donation Programs, General Clothing Donation Programs, Gift Card Donation Programs, Immigrant Benefits Assistance, Immigrant Visa Application Filing Assistance, Language Interpretation/Translation Volunteer Opportunities, Mentoring Services Volunteer Opportunities, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Personal/Grooming Supplies Donation Programs, Refugee Resettlement Services, School Supplies Donation Programs, Teaching/Instruction Volunteer Opportunities, Visas for Victims of Human Trafficking

10240 N 31st Ave

Ste 112

Phoenix, AZ 85051

(602) 944-1821

Arizona Refugee Resettlement Program

Provides services for refugees including Refugee Medical Assistance, Refugee Cash Assistance, Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program, English language training, preventive health program, mental health services, and other general services geared toward refugees.

Services: Refugee/Entrant Cash Assistance Appeals/Complaints, Refugee/Entrant Cash Assistance Applications, Refugee Resettlement Services, State Refugee Coordinators, Visas for Victims of Human Trafficking

1789 W Jefferson St

Phoenix, AZ 85007

(602) 542-4446

Catholic Charities Community Services Immigration Legal Services

Provides immigration related assistance for individuals and families.

Services: Clerical Volunteer Opportunities, Comprehensive Immigration/Naturalization Services

5151 N 19th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85015

(602) 749-4415

Catholic Community Services Immigration & Citizenship Services

Provides legal information and technical assistance to individuals and families seeking to legalize their immigration and citizenship status.

Services: Citizenship Assistance Centers, Comprehensive Immigration/Naturalization Services

140 W Speedway Blvd

Ste 130

Tucson, AZ 85705

(520) 670-0819


Website provides free, step-by-step service to apply for citizenship and complete application online.

Services: Citizenship Assistance Centers

Confidential location

New York, NY 10008

CPLC Family Immigration Services

Provides case management of citizenship and immigration petitions and applications, family-based immigrant visa petitions, adjustment of status and consular visa processing, and translation services.

Services: Citizenship Assistance Centers, Comprehensive Immigration/Naturalization Services, Immigrant Visa Application Filing Assistance

308 W Main St

Somerton, AZ 85350

(928) 627-2042

Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project

Provides legal help to non-citizens detained by ICE.

Services: Clerical Volunteer Opportunities, Communications/Marketing Volunteer Opportunities, Comprehensive Immigration/Naturalization Services, Language Interpretation/Translation Volunteer Opportunities, Legal Representation, Nongovernmental Agency Departments, Pro Bono Legal Aid Volunteer Opportunities, Research/Evaluation Volunteer Opportunities

Confidential location

Florence, AZ 85132

(520) 868-0191

Friendly House Immigration Legal Services

Provides immigration counseling and consultation, and assistance in preparing government immigration forms including document translations.

Services: Comprehensive Immigration/Naturalization Services

113 W Sherman St

Phoenix, AZ 85003

(602) 545-5064

Mosaic Center

Senior center provides hot lunch, health education, and socialization for Native American seniors age 60 years and older.

Services: Citizenship Assistance Centers, Congregate Meals/Nutrition Sites, English as a Second Language, General Health Education Programs, Refugee Resettlement Volunteer Opportunities, Senior Centers


Phoenix, AZ 85014

(602) 264-4357

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Diocese of Phoenix Ministry to the Homeless

Volunteer case managers perform intake and provide clients with referrals to dining rooms, clinics, and shelters; and follow-up assessment, encouragement, and referrals depending upon need and progress.

Services: Case/Care Management, Computer Literacy Training Programs, English as a Second Language, Gas Service Payment Assistance, General Clothing Provision, Outreach Programs, Public Showers/Baths, Rights Counseling for Undocumented People

320 W Watkins Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85003

(602) 261-6883

Viewing 1-10 of 11 results (listed by best match)